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  • 05.01.2012

Planning your next trip?

Well Christmas is out of the way and most people have returned to work. So hands up, who has been looking at holidays?
Over the last couple of days whilst flicking through the channels, I’ve noticed the increase in TV ads for brightly coloured airlines and their summer deals. It got me thinking of when I’ll be able to steal a couple of days for my first little holiday of the year. I’m pretty keen to get out and go camping whenever, but my girlfriend still insists on a little more sunshine than we get in January.
How early is too early for camping in Yorkshire? I don’t want to wait for the summer sun to arrive for a chance to relax and unwind.
Our bell tent has a roomy enough interior to fit in a stove to keep it nice and cosy, even with frost on the ground.
Right that’s decided, I’m on the look out for the perfect Yorkshire winter spot. Anybody got any ideas?


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