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  • 23.10.2012

The Craven Arms (Appletreewick) Beer Festival 2012

This weekend saw the return of the Beer Festival to the wonderful Craven Arms pub in Appletreewick. If you’ve never been (to the pub or the village) you must be sure to take a trip there soon. Situated in the Yorkshire Dales, just 12 miles north-east of Skipton, Appletreewick, I recently found out (thanks wiki) attained the title of ‘Britain’s Friendliest Town to Drive Through’ in 2009. It also has two great pubs, The New Inn and the focus of this post, The Craven Arms.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and pitched up our bell tent at Howarth Farm campsite, which is a friendly, working farm, surrounded by stunning views and is only ten minutes walk from the village itself. Following a bite to eat, we wandered to the Pub and got settled in.


The theme of the Beer Festival was ‘War of the Roses’. Ten beers selected from breweries in Yorkshire and ten from breweries in Lancashire, alongside a Cider from each county too.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me tweeting the scores in the afternoon. As the day went on, we did continue to score, but we’d also met and made new friends, so the social media was put aside. One of the people we were speaking with was David Aynesworth, owner of the Craven Arms. He sung us a few folk ditties and entertained us in the heather thatched Cruck Barn at the rear of the pub. I’ve got to say that there was some incredible beers on offer, and in my bias opinion, most of them were from Yorkshire. Votes were taken over the whole weekend and the eventual winner was….drum roll please… Mrs Simpson’s Thriller In Vanilla Porter (abv 5.1%) from the Brown Cow Brewery in Selby. As nice as this was it only came tied for second on my list, along with the South Island Pale (abv 3.5%) from the Saltaire Brewery in Shipley.

The beer that came top of the pops in my eye’s was Birdie (abv 4.3%), a Pale from the superb Dark Horse Brewery in Hetton. Supposedly this was brewed to coincide with the Ryder Cup using both European and American hops. I won’t pretend to understand what all of that means, I just know it makes one hell of a pint. Be sure to give it a try if you see it out about.


So that was my weekend. Autumn Glamping in my bell tent, coupled with a Beer Festival in one of the finest pubs in the country, in one of the finest spots in the Yorkshire Dales. Ten out of ten.

  • 11.10.2012

Autumn Glamping

It seems like such a long time since I last posted a blog entry. If you ‘follow’ us on Twitter or Pinterest, or for those of you that ‘like’ us on Facebook you’ll have been kept up to date with everything that we’ve been up to over the summer. And what a summer it was. We were lucky enough to do several fantastic weddings in locations such as Danby Castle, Duncombe Park and Swinton Park. We also pitched up for parties for people celebrating birthdays ranging from 2 to 50.

Everything being taken into account, with all the great memories and new friends, not a bad first season I’d say!

Sat here writing this though, the main reason is to remind people that summer may be over, but we are still definitely OPEN. Yorkshire during Autumn is simply stunning, it’s when animals and nature put on a final show before the cold kicks in. You’ll be able to don your wellies, pull on the scarf and head out for a brisk walk through the countryside, ‘research’ the local country pubs and enjoy a crowd pleasing casserole back at your tent. Sure the temperatures may have dropped a little, fortunately for you though we have a few solutions to keep you warm.

The little things we’ll do for you during Autumn and Winter is make things extra cosy by doubling up on the duvets, placing an extra layer of insulation between you and the floor and provide you with, wait for it… a hot water bottle!

But most importantly, we have the fantastic frontier stove. This can be placed inside your tent if you opt for the Ultimate Glampit hire package.

Alternatively, if you’re going to a campsite with an electric hook-up, you can have a convector heater that provides heat for your tent quickly and safely at no extra cost with the Glampit hire package.

So come on, tell everyone, let the fun continue and let’s go glamping this Autumn.

  • 20.06.2012

Wedding season is underway

Things have been so busy round here lately that we’ve hardly had a chance to do any blogging. The reason being is wedding season’s underway. I know it’s no excuse, but when you’re putting up tents left, right and, well you get the picture, all you want to do is get your feet up with a nice glass of wine and chill out. I can’t complain really, it’s Christina that’s got the poor end of the deal. She’s the one that knows how to work the washing machine, so she ends up washing all of the bedding!

Weddings are always unforgettable experiences, and as much as the good old English weather is trying hard to put the dampners (literally) on the summer, we’re taking bookings for more and more weddings, group glamping weekends and kid’s parties on the back of the happy campers we’ve already provided for this year. The feedback that we’ve been getting is brilliant (some you can see here) and not even the rain, that on occassions has been torrential, is stopping our clients from having the times of their lives.

So we here at Glampit just want to say a massive thank you to everybody that has trusted us to be part of what is usually one of the happiest (if not a little stressful) days of their lives. We’ve had a ball do far and can’t wait to supply the rest of this summers clients with memories that they’ll never forget. I’ll leave you with a few of our pics from this year so far.

  • 07.05.2012

May Bank Holiday

Wow, what a weekend. We had the idea that we’d be able to get away for a bit of glamping ourselves this weekend, but that didn’t happen.

We, along with many more people from Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, went to the Yorkshire Dales Festival of Food at Leyburn on Saturday. There was a fantastic selection of stalls, exhibitors and displays on offer. One of which was Pizza a la cart; a Land Rover Defender fitted out with a wood fired oven. What a great idea for a party or an event.

I tried plenty of samples, including ciders, pickles, cheeses and a cheeky little chilli jam from the Chilli Jam Man, which for a brief second I’m sure made me go a bit deaf!

It was also good to meet up with Chris (and William) Wildman of Paganum and Yorkshire Chorizo fame to discuss some glamping ideas we have, and purchase some of his sublime chorizo. If you’ve not tried his chorizo before, be sure to give it go, it’s beautiful.

On our drive back from Leyburn we took the route that takes in Carlton and Kettlewell, which offers some of the best scenery the Yorkshire Dales has to offer. On our way through Carlton we spotted a little country pub, called The Foresters Arms, which we decided to drop in to for a drink. Now this place isn’t just any country pub, it’s a community pub. I was lucky enough to get chatting with Peter Pearson, one of the committee members and one of the people who set out a year ago to rescue this beautiful Inn. This was a place that shut early in 2011 after having been an Inn since the 17th century. To find out more about what Peter and the rest of the committee are doing please go to the Coverdale Community Pub website. But most of all, show your support by actually visiting the pub.

The Foresters Arms, Carlton

Also in the Foresters Arms, we were introduced to Gary Verity (Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire) and Liz Tattersley (Head of Membership). We chatted about future work with them and bounced ideas around for other marketing and PR for Glampit.

So all in all, we might not have managed to get away for any glamping ourselves this weekend, but wow, it’s been an eventful one.

(Image from the Foresters Arms website)

  • 11.02.2012

Glampit Pinterest page

Who’s heard of Pinterest? It’s an online pinboard that allows it’s users to organise and share things that they find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organise their favourite recipes. Here at Glampit we’ve found that it’s great source for inspiration on new way’s to decorate our bell tents. We’ve started two new pinboards, Glamping & Yorkshire. So why not take a look at pinterest, request an invite and get sharing.

(All pictures from Pinterest)

  • 06.02.2012

Glamping in the snow

This weekend brought just what Glampit was wishing for…snow and lots of it. It fell across most of the country this weekend, meaning disruption for lots of people, however for us it was an opportunity to get one of the bell tents up and get some great photos.

The field where we pitched up was stunning as the snow was unbroken. We picked our spot, pitched up and furnished the bell tent with all the trimmings. The day light and lack of falling snow offered us a great chance to get some exterior shots. But these were nothing in comparison to what we got when the sun started to set the and the light started to fade. The fairy lights lit up and the interior came alive. Cosy doesn’t even cover it. I think you’ll agree from the pictures, Yorkshire camping can be glamorous even in Winter.

  • 15.01.2012

Sunday lunch

What springs to mind when I say “Sunday lunch”? Is it the family sat round the dining table, tucking into roast beef and yorkshire puddings, or you relaxing at your favourite pub possibly enjoying a carvery? Whatever your thinking I can’t imagine it’s the same as our Sunday lunch today. In my previous post I told you that we’d just taken delivery of a frontier stove and how I couldn’t wait to use it. Well, I really couldn’t wait. I found myself a tasty little recipe for lamb tagine, packed a box with all the cooking equipment and ingredients and took it all up to the stables in Ilkley to give it a run out.

Once it got there I unpacked the stove, assembled it in a matter of minutes, found myself some timber and lit her up. While the stove was warming up I fashioned a table out of random bits and bobs that were lying around and got my food prep area ready.

To be honest, I haven’t cooked in many better kitchens. I know it’s winter and the in car thermometer was reading in the minuses, but having Addingham Moorside as back drop isn’t too bad.

Once everything was chopped I threw it all in the pan, placed it on the stove and sat back and read my Sunday paper.

A couple of hours later and we were ready to dish up. Funny how a fragrant big pan of food get’s a crowd gathered. A few of the stables regulars grabbed themselves anything that resembled a plate and formed themselves an orderly queue. We threw some cushions on the floor, plated up and got stuck in.

As you can see from the picture, I think they enjoyed it. Impromptu lunch, on a crisp Yorkshire winter’s day with a group of friends. Not a bad way to spend your weekend I’m sure you’ll agree.

I wonder what’s on the menu for next week?


  • 13.01.2012

Our new Frontier Stove

This week, we took delivery of our very first Frontier stove. Take a look at the pictures, aren’t they beautiful? We can’t wait to start using it.

I assembled it in our kitchen the other night and found it very easy to put together. It packs down neatly, is nice and lightweight and is ideal for a family camping trip. It was designed in partnership with the humanitarian community and has been deployed to a number of disaster situations worldwide.

All in all though, the Frontier Stove is a fully functioning heater/cooker that’s going to take pride of place as the centrepiece in the Ultimate Glampit package.

Frontier Stove

If you want to get your hands on one of these Frontier Stoves, take a look at our shop.

Happy Camping.

  • 05.01.2012

Planning your next trip?

Well Christmas is out of the way and most people have returned to work. So hands up, who has been looking at holidays?
Over the last couple of days whilst flicking through the channels, I’ve noticed the increase in TV ads for brightly coloured airlines and their summer deals. It got me thinking of when I’ll be able to steal a couple of days for my first little holiday of the year. I’m pretty keen to get out and go camping whenever, but my girlfriend still insists on a little more sunshine than we get in January.
How early is too early for camping in Yorkshire? I don’t want to wait for the summer sun to arrive for a chance to relax and unwind.
Our bell tent has a roomy enough interior to fit in a stove to keep it nice and cosy, even with frost on the ground.
Right that’s decided, I’m on the look out for the perfect Yorkshire winter spot. Anybody got any ideas?


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